About TVRadioGuest.com

About TVRadioGuest.com

TVRadioGuest.com is a professional guest expert/storyteller directory that helps to bring guests and show hosts, producers and individuals responsible for finding guests for shows together in a fast and efficient way. TVRadioGuest.com is not a publicity bureau, where interview opportunities are found for our guests.

Rather, we advertise potential guests on our website to be discovered, chosen and interviewed by potential show hosts looking for guests for their upcoming show. All of our guests and their credentials and contact information are quickly accessible for show hosts to review and potentially book on the spot for their next show interview.

How Does We Help Shows Find Guests?

For example, TVRadioGuest.com is designed to bring event planners and qualified guests together. If you have a particular guest in mind, you are free to contact the guest directly or TVRadioGuest.com can assist you with guest availability, scheduling, and confirming fees to the satisfaction of both parties.

If you cannot find the guest you are looking for and if you are looking for a recommendation, allow us to suggest a guest best suited for your program and budget. Simply contact us online for assistance.

How Do We Help Guest Experts Get More Exposure?

Most guests are great at what they do … SPEAKING! Where many fall short are in the areas of self-promotion, increasing their exposure and building brand awareness for their speaking services. At TVRadioGuest.com, guests can showcase their presentation topics, advertise for the right audience, share contact information plus promotional materials about their speaking platforms such as video, audio, guest one-sheets, testimonials and then partners with you to ensure that you have compelling, influential speaking experiences.

Every company, event planner, or organization is looking for that “wow” factor when hiring new guests. Let us help you with writing your bio, publicity photos, course descriptions, testimonials, video clips, book promotions, or samples of your speaking engagements that will leave a lasting impression on your audiences.

Meet The TVRG Team

Meet these two dynamic individuals helping guests find shows and show hosts find guests!

Bart Smith, TVRadioGuest.com FounderBART SMITH
TVRadioGuest.com, Founder/Author/Speaker/Baker

As an author, trainer and business consultant for almost 30 years, Bart Smith serves TVRG’s guest member community by designing and promoting TVRadioGuest.com (a guest expert directory) with the aim of serving thousands of shows worldwide that are searching for really dynamic guests to appear on their shows! So, Bart went to town building TVRadioGuest.com with his own knowledge of building website directories. No hired help, no outsourcing, … He just sat down and built this website for everyone’s benefit!

With his own books, websites and speaking ambitions, Bart knows how important it is to get exposure through a variety of interview types (i.e., TV, radio, podcast, article, etc.). So, with skills in web design, graphic design, publishing, audio/video, blogging, publicity, coaching, speaking and marketing, he created TVRadioGuest.com to help professional guest experts with what they need most … EXPOSURE … for their messages, products and services via interviews!

Bart also authored the book, How To Prepare, Pitch & Become A TV Guest. If you want to be a TV guest on a TV show one day, here’s the book to read on how it’s done. He goes into how local, national and international TV shows need guests to come on to their show to tell their story, help set the record straight, comment on what’s happening in the news and current events, entertain audiences, talk about their new book, and much more!

The PROBLEM most potential guests have is they don’t know how to get on TV; they don’t get enough exposure to be seen by TV show personnel who are looking for TV guests; they don’t know what to do before/during/after being on a TV show as a TV guest; let alone how to maximize their time on TV shows; how to get more TV show coverage, and … so much more! Well, Bart’s book details all that and a lot more! You can find more information about Bart’s book here at this website.

Jamie Barton, TVRadioGuest.com Guest/Host RelationsJAMIE BARTON
TVRadioGuest.com Guest/Host Relations

Jamie is Bart’s amazing and auspicious co-pilot who helps guide TVRadioGuest.com deep into TV land and other media arenas. She assists TV show hosts find TV guests and simultaneously helps TV guests get the exposure and the training they need to land TV guest appearances on TV (and other) shows faster than they could on their own!

Having met Jamie through a mutual friend, Jamie has taken on the role with TVRadioGuest.com with equal might, experience and creative energy. She brings practically two decades in the TV industry that includes working with some of the biggest companies recognized throughout the industry and the world as leaders in quality television programming, events, charity work, partner collaborations, and so much more. Jamie has shared her talents, media expertise, strategic collaborations and other abilities with the following, well-known media industry giants, just to name a few:

Bart and Jamie are two energized dynamos working in tandem who can help guest experts and show hosts, directors, producers, publicists and others find/book guests in a hurry by putting all their time, effort and enthusiasm behind TVRadioGuest.com.