How Does This Work?

How Does This Work? Connects Guests
with Potential TV Show Decision-Makers (TVRG) is a public directory of professional guest experts, authors, speakers, hobbyists, and storytellers who have a story to tell and share with the world at large. Because we are a public directory, TV, radio, podcast and other show hosts, producers, directors and media agents come here looking for potential guests for their upcoming shows. If you have a profile listing on TVRG and you’re seen and the show would like to interview you, they can reach out to you personally to discuss all the details about the potential interview.

    Local, national and international TV, radio and podcast shows need you to come on to their show as a guest to tell your story, help set the record straight, comment on what’s happening in the news and current events, entertain audiences, talk about your new book, and … so much more!

    The PROBLEM most potential guests have is they don’t know how to get interviewed; they don’t get enough exposure to be seen by show personnel who are looking for guests; they don’t know what to do before/during/after being on a show as a guest; let alone how to maximize their time on shows;  how to get more interview coverage, and … so much more!

    The SOLUTION to the problems potential guests have is to have a guest profile listing on Why? Isn’t their website sufficient in getting them booked for shows as a guest? Maybe, but where is that person’s website? What does it look like? Does it have the story-focused information show hosts are looking for? Is there a lot of clutter on their site? “Never mind. I don’t have time to look through all these websites and perform searches to find my next guest. I’ll just go to and find my potential guest there!”, they’d say.

      With a TVRG directory profile listing, you make it easy for people responsible for finding guests for their shows. There you are and all the story-telling capabilities you have. In plain open site and your contact information is there too. “Great, I’ll call him/her to be on my show next week! That was easy.” 

        When I first had the idea to build, I didn’t think of it where they (show hosts) would just come to me and book me to be on their show. No. I am a pro-active person. I’ll reach out to them. BUT, I just didn’t want them to be lost in my website trying to find the information they needed to make their decision to book me. So, I thought, “Build a TV/radio interview focused website where all you have on it is only interview-related content (i.e., your books, show topic ideas, contact information, availability information, where you travel from, sample interviews, sample questions, etc.). Then, armed with my own profile page, I’m off to find some interviews. It’s after I get interviewed a lot that … (SKIP TO #4 BELOW)

          Once I (and you) score any number of interviews, whether by our own outreach or they reach out to us via TVRG, I’m going to use those interviews to get more interviews. In fact, as I accumulate a few, I’ll soon have many and then, guess what? After all those interviews, I’m a seasoned interviewee, ready for? THE BIG TIME! Never think (or want) to get on a BIG NATIONAL TV or RADIO STATION without having a few interviews under your belt. You will make mistakes, forget to say something, say something wrong, etc.

          Practice on the smaller shows before you make it onto a big show. I’m just saying. Not that you couldn’t do well on a big show tomorrow; just that, after several interviews, you just know how to milk the bigger interviews for more than if it was your very first interview. Every second counts. Do you know how to use them? There’s a whole checklist I have that TVRG guest members can go through to be sure their interview experience is the best ever!

            Search by KEYWORD in the SEARCH BOX below (i.e., chef, relationships, etc.) related to a show topic you have in mind to find a guest for your next show!

            If you can’t find the perfect guest, contact our office and we’ll see if who we can recommend.