Guest “Profile Listing” Uses

Guest “Profile Listing” Uses

Now that you know what a directory profile listing looks like, the categories you can align yourself with, in addition to the content you can publicly display to help attract potential hosts to book you for their upcoming shows, the next question is, WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH your TVRG directory profile listing? Well, here are all the ways you can use your directory profile listing:

USE IT TO PITCH ANY SHOW (YOURSELF) – It’s easy to pitch practically any type of show to interview you if you have all your interview-related/focused information in one place — easy to find, easy to read/follow and easy to contact you! Why wouldn’t you get booked in a flash for their next show?

ALLOW TVRG STAFF TO PITCH SHOWS (ON YOUR BEHALF) – If you choose to have TVRG find TV (and other) shows for you to be interviewed on, one of the ways you make our job easy is to have a well-populated, interview-focused directory profile listing ready to go! We’ll use it to pitch TV show hosts and personnel about you. Hopefully, you have (content) they’re looking for!

USE IT AS YOUR RESUME – Looking to get a job from a potential client? Perhaps send them to your directory listing. They can see all your expertise, view credentials, follow social media links, and much more.

USE IT AS YOUR WEBSITE – You might like to use your directory listing profile as your actual website. Why? Because it costs a lot (more) money to build and maintain an actual website, let alone time to build it. Considering the complexity of maintaining a website, why bother? Just use your TVRG directory listing to showcase what you do, link to your social media accounts, attract interviews/clients, and much more!

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