Our Services

Our Services

Being a TV guest isn’t something we do everyday, so it’s vital you consider some amount of coaching and consulting by our trained staff. Consider these areas of coaching/consulting to ensure your TV guest appearance is an Oscar award-winning success:

YOUR PITCH – If you’d like us to find TV shows for you, let’s review your pitch so we can best represent you to the different TV stations we’re aligned with. What’s more, do you have a book? Talk to us about our “really fast” book publishing services to help you get on TV with a book and you as an author!

INTERVIEW QUESTIONS – If you don’t have interview questions ready, we’ll help you create them and place them on your website. These are suggested questions you want the TV host to ask you.

WEBSITE / LEAD GENERATION / SALES SYS. AUDIT – How is your website? Do you have one? Is it ready to receive the kind of high-profile exposure and potential lead / sales you could get?

PRE-SHOW PREPARATIONS – This could include a variety of things that range anywhere from on-camera presence/practice, interview training/practice answering questions, practicing call-to-action statements, arranging transportation to/from the TV show, checklists for what to bring/do/say before/during/after your TV guest appearance and much, much more.

POST-TV SHOW REVIEW – This can be a meeting in-person or over the telephone, Web/Zoom/Skype, etc., where we discuss how you performed. We’ll review what you did well and offer any areas for improvement if needed. For more information about these services, contact us online!

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