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For TV, Radio & Other Show Formats

WHO’S ASKING: In the TV, radio (and other show format) worlds, there are show personnel that don’t always have time to look through our website to find the perfect guest and would rather just ask us directly who we know and can recommend as the best guest for their show. Well, when we get contacted by people representing shows in this capacity, we call these “INTERVIEW LEADS” and we get several inquiries all the time!

HOW IT WORKS: When we get a INTERVIEW LEAD we listen to their guest requirements and let them know, “Yes, we have a few candidates for you to choose from who we think would be the perfect guest to fill your guest spot.” Once we know what type of guest they need, we’ll reach out immediately to our GUEST SPOT LEADS list (GET ON IT!) for availability and interest in these hot guest spots. For the member who accepts this lead, we’ll share the name of the person, show and contact information so they can go over the particulars of getting on their show. At that point, it’s in your hands to get ready for that interview!

FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE: INTERVIEW LEADS come and go quickly! Everyone wants these leads because they’re HOT! The member who jumps at the opportunity and scores the acceptance of the show is the winner of that INTERVIEW LEAD. Don’t worry, we get INTERVIEW LEADS all the time if you missed one.

FEES FOR THIS SERVICE: There are two separate admin fees for anyone to participate in this pool of INTERVIEW LEADS. There’s an annual fee to be on the INTERVIEW LEAD list and a fee every time the guest member actually accepts and goes on a the show.

WHY BE ON THIS LIST? If you want to get inteviewed faster, take advantage of these HOT leads that come into our office daily! Why wait for someone to contact you, when we could recommend you today and have you on a show tomorrow? For more info, contact our office.

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