Video Recording Services

Video Recording Services

Do you have video of yourself? Depending on the video you do or don’t have, we highly recommend you film yourself in an interview setting either talking about your book, company, products and/or services, but in a way that serves the TV host and his/her audience.

Remember, we never sell directly on TV when you’re a TV guest. Save that for QVC! Instead, we tell stories, answer questions with sound-bite answers, and at the end, you’ll get a window of time to give your contact information if anyone’s interested in learning more about you.

How do you know what you look like on camera or how you’ll do when interviewed? How does a prospective TV show person know how you look or interview on camera? Let’s find out! Schedule time with us to film you in a mock interview setting for your use on your own website as well for use on your profile listing.

We’ll help you prepare, rehearse and film you answering interview questions on-camera as if it was a real TV show appearance. Not only is this a good warm up for the real thing, you also get a video interview clip that you can use on your website and social media to promote you for other types of interviews. Interested in this service? Go to:

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